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Split System

A Daikin Split System, provided by Bay Air Conditioning, will air condition one room or an area of your home. Elegant wall mounted, compact floor console and wall/ceiling mounted indoor units are available. Daikin has a range of Inverter Flat Panel Split Systems. This unique design gives you a stylish unit that is also designed to operate at optimum levels.

Daikin is renowned for its quiet indoor and outdoor units due to the advanced technology in the compressor, fan and motor.

Split systems are available in Reverse Cycle (providing cooling in summer and heating in winter) and Cool Only models. They have easy-to-operate remote control and programmed settings as well as a host of innovative features.

Multi Split System

A Daikin Multi-Split system can air condition from two to seven rooms using only one outdoor unit. Multi-Split systems are ideal for situations where there is limited space for outdoor units or insufficient ceiling space for ducting.

A Daikin Multi-Split system allows individual control of the air conditioning in each room. This not only optimises comfort but saves on running costs as wastage is eliminated by only air conditioning rooms as and when required. On top of the savings generated from the flexibility of Daikin’s Multi-Split system, further cost reductions are achieved from the energy efficient benefits of Daikin’s Inverter Technology.

Daikin Multi-Split systems are available in reverse cycle and cool only models.

Super Multi

The high-capacity outdoor unit is powerful enough to drive up to 4 indoor units, which solves the problem of limited installation space for the outdoor unit. An outdoor unit can be connected to any class indoor unit from 2.5 kW to 6.0 kW. The total capacity of the indoor units that can be connected is between 11kW to 15.5kW depending on the model of the outdoor unit.

There is a range of different indoor and outdoor units available.

Super Multi Plus

The powerful 14.5kW system can air condition up to seven rooms from one outdoor unit, all with individual control.

The total capacity of the indoor units that can be connected is between 7.5 kW and 18.9 kW.

Indoor units range from 2.5kW to 7.7kW and are available in six types.

A 115m piping length with no additional gas charge requirements simplifies and provides greater flexibility in installation.Installation is also simplified through the use of a single-phase power supply with a 30A breaker.

There are a range of different indoor and outdoor units available.


Installing a Daikin fully ducted reverse cycle air conditioning system means you can enjoy climate-controlled comfort all round the house all year round at the touch of a button.

A ducted system can be installed in nearly all new and existing homes.

The unobtrusive and extremely quiet compressor unit is installed outside the house; the indoor unit is usually located in the ceiling or under the floor with flexible ductwork distributing cool or warm air through vents located throughout the house.

Daikin ducted systems can be designed to operate in two or more zones which can be heated or cooled at different times.

This means that the air conditioning system can be operated in the living areas during the day and in the bedrooms at night, saving money on energy costs.

All Daikin ducted air conditioners have a 5-year parts and labour warranty.

Light Commercial

Ease of installation and flexibility makes SkyAir ideal for shops, restaurants, offices schools, showrooms and even larger residential rooms.

The SkyAir Super Inverter series can save up to 47% in energy costs.

There is a wide selection of models available meaning that SkyAir can provide the answer to any air conditioning need.

To see if Daikin’s SkyAir range is suitable to your needs contact your nearest specialist Daikin dealer or Daikin Australia.


Daikin air conditioners are installed in thousands of commercial buildings around Australia. Daikin is the choice whenever quality, flexibility and economy are the key requirements.

In 1987 Daikin took the firststep in VRV (Variable Refrigerant Volume) air conditioning technology. Continued technological advancements have allowed Daikin to bring you VRVII.

VRV II offers a huge range of benefits that include significant energy savings, easier installation and maintenance, and a reduction in equipment space.

Energy Savings

With a higher Coefficient of Performance than any other variable refrigerant system, VRV II offers considerably lower running costs and huge energy savings. Importantly, it achieves even greater efficiencies at partial load. And with Daikin VRV II, each room can be controlled individually with only one of those rooms requiring air conditioning being cooled or heated. The system can be shut down in unoccupied areas without affecting the comfort of other tenants and further reducing energy costs.

Space Saving

VRV II has drastically reduced the installation space needed meaning there is an increase in the net area available for you to rent out. For example, the 16HP model has an incredible reduction of almost 50% in footprint.

There is also a reduction in the amount and size of pipe-work required.

VRV II also uses the new generation refrigerant R410A, meaning less refrigerant is needed, an added advantage when designing smaller spaces.

Monitoring and Control

The line-up of Daikin’s advanced control options can provide accurate monitoring and allocation of tenant charges and reduced maintenance costs.

Intelligent touch Controller, Intelligent Manager, BACnet Gateway and the new LONWORKS interface are all-compatible with VRV II.