How long after installation should I clean the filter?

Depending on usage, rule of thumb is Ducted Systems every 3 months, Split Systems every 6 months.

How long does the warranty last?

The warranty from Daikin lasts for 5 years, this covers the indoor and outdoor system and their components.

All workmanship and other products provided ie; Duct, Grilles, Zone motors, have a 12 month warranty provided by Bay Air Conditioning.

Should I get my air conditioning unit serviced on a regular basis?

It is a good idea every 18 months to have one of our technicians check the system for faults and do a warranty check.

If the operation light flashes, what do I do?

You should call Bay Air Conditioning’s service department and talk to one of the technicians, it could be a simple problem that can be sorted out over the phone or one that requires attention from a technician.

Why should I get Bay Air to install my air conditioning unit?

Our Installation teams, are trained to install Daikin air conditioners and are supported by our service division, most of our installation and service team members have had experience in other trades to make them knowledgeable on more aspects of your home then just air conditioning.

Why should I get Bay Air to service my air conditioning unit?

All our service technicians attend training seminars at Daikin and carry engineering data on all Daikin models to enable quick diagnosis of all models.

The service department is accredited by Daikin to carry out all warranty repairs. This allows you to deal with the one service technician for all your service needs, eliminating your inconvenience.

I’ve lost the manual to my Daikin Air Conditioner. Where can I get another one?

The Daikin website download page contains many of the manuals for their units online.

If you cannot find your manual on this page, you can email Daikin for a replacement from the above link.

I have a problem with my air conditioning unit. Can I log a Service Request?


Will Bay Air service my air conditioner even though I bought it somewhere else?

No problems! We will service any Daikin air conditioner.